We have come a long way to present ourselves as a retail industry player. A collective 35 years’ experience and a mindset determined on bringing you the most efficient practices to your business model and your shoppers’ experience. M235 Retail ensures you are atop of the trend in shopping technologies, business intelligence, shopping experience, zero-friction operations and facility management. We owe a huge favor in our path to employers who trusted us throughout our first steps of the journey; consultants who adopted our advisory system; clients who have nurtured our portfolio into the global scene and our beloved team for flowing their heartily efforts hand-in-hand to make us your eligible consultant and be part of your support system.

Ready for tomorrow, we are here to listen to your aspired business model and walk together to make it a success story at all its aspects.
Welcome to Mission235 Retail Consultancy,
Louay Youssef


Never miss out on thoughtfulness, it generates a loyal organic buy-in from all stakeholders – specially your shoppers.

Liability to milestones rules the process. Strategic planning affirms success ahead and along the way.

Embrace the change; it’s our constant thrive to lead with the best practices. No excuses.


A turnkey consultancy service is at your disposal. Keen on every step of the way, we join your round table to pave the way clear for all stakeholders.
Please see below services for full scope.



Shopping Mall owners reach us at the very beginning of their concept. You don’t want to build an neither architecture, nor a feasibility study based on wrong variables. We help you from the idea and up, from the foundation and up towards the launch, so it is always great to start the very first steps together.


We are your devil’s advocate in times of distraction from what’s legit and in times where you grow more optimistic than you should. Our findings are based on studies, research , experience, market analysis, local experts’ infusion, market status-quo, merchants’ readiness and target audience profiles. In retail terms, this is our offering in terms of market assessment and development analysis.


Architects give their best once their brief is crystalline clear. Our role is to determine the functionality principals that best optimize and induce the design of your mall. The architecture of your mall is a static variable in your business journey and your design should work for at least another decade or two; we are here to help you build what’s viably correct.


Based on our market findings, we determine the demand upon which your merchandise mix will be set at 100%. And given our network and expertise, retail
groups across MENA along with your local retailers are surely someone we know or we’ve worked closely with before. This allows us to create your leasing system, plan for the B2B market penetration with the right incentives and pricing scheme, even help you out with the leasing process. High Five to the turnkey solution.


We don’t seek to grow our scope of cooperation if weren’t rest assured we can deliver. While your investment is projecting its ROI, we do prepare your operations system with achievable scheme ready to take over the premises at pre-launch and operational. While operations are realized, your facility is taken care of with an engineered approach to run at full capacity and functionality.


Our portfolio as a marketing arm for shopping malls brings you a holistic marketing support capability including your brand works; where we set your concept at the core interest of your crowd and in the branding scene that stands out far from competition. We do marketing that works best for you, while we create the communication that ensures traffic, conversions and satisfaction as you evolve and grow your mall.


As feasibility covers your best case and worst case scenarios, your contingency plan plays the role of assurance. As the business plan gets in action, we will be your financial monitor towards protecting your investment; in some cases mall owners and shareholders are interested in an investment arm within the retail ecosystem too. In all cases, our investment intelligence scheme does not protect your portfolio, but ensures your ROI is conservatively met with a surplus.


Whether your are investment with experience in retail or not, there is always a challenge in developing as well as in maintaining the right manpower body, with a compelling module that runs your mall flawlessly. Our alliance with international, regional and local talent acquisition and talent development firms, completes the circle of recruitment and maintains staff loyalty and efficiency throughout their hiring.


International standards are inevitable in the industry; planning for conformity and obtaining certificates with ISMA, MESMA, MOH, MOI, ISO, GREEN, OH&S, ICSRA, Sustainability, is a service we pride to be pioneers at. Compliance is the rising star of challenges facing businesses, we have tied up with region-based specialized compliance legal firms to ensure you are backed up with the right support to operate safe and insured a hassle-free relationship with all involved parties.


A happy shopper makes a happy retailer. At the core of our focus, shoppers rule the work. Our Shopper’s Experience Management module is developed with a team of global CEM experts, hands-on the full shopper’s touch points mapping, shopper’s behavior analysis, digital trends, entertainment, facility convenience, operational excellence, shopper’s human interface, visual merchandise, pricing strategy and diversity of choice.
This is an inevitable module that every shopping center must apply.