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Mission235 Marketing Communications and Retail Consultancy - Serving MENA and International brands in their presence, growth and sustainability.

Mission235, Marketing since 2000

A fulfilled range of marketing services


We speak strategies, we develop strategies that make sense to your business model. Having worked with almost all industries in the world, we wear your shoes; and as we hold the liability, we put together the thinking and plans that bring you results - full stop.


Know the market, the audience, the competition. Our modality allows practical and in-depth understanding in all research and analysis activities. We get on ground, sleeves up and go far on/offline to bring you graphs, charts & reviews that form reliable indicators for your business plans. We always combine research with analysis and findings to make perfect sense.


We start with a persona philosophy, evolving around your business module and its 5Ps; the development process implies attention to every detail across the brand culture, positioning, audience profile, evolution plan, differentiation, application and cascades the brand zone along the flow. We end up with a masterpiece brand book that your business feeds from with guaranteed success in execution.

Social Media

As it's the Audience Say on your brand, people's forum where you have to listen, observe, understand and act accordingly. We should be present (given reality), expressive, humanized, genuine, fresh, current and have continuous value to add to people's lives. Then, we can advertise and actually make business. Ask about SM-Cloud, SM-Bank and SM-Nergy by M235.


Creative, Great Write-Ups, Great Picture, Great VOs, Great Graphics, Motion, Still, Animation? We have brought together mind, body and soul to give you the most believable content that brings your thoughts to life; spiced by our marketing and communications sense to deliver results to your sought content.

Digital Marketing

We carry on extensive monetization in every digital aspect of our business; bringing you organic reach and conversions that count compared to your paid reach. Each online ecosystem is fully mapped and aligned towards efficiency, while you acquire a versatile module that copes with the ongoing changes of the digital algorithms.


Enliven your promotions, get down on the ground face to face interacting with your audience; and let's measure the results. Banks, Telecom, Automotive, FMCGs, Retailers, Education Firms and more & more industries fancy our ideas and punctuality in delivery and results.


M235Prod is your Group of professionals assembled each in his/her profession to manage your full or partial production work across Lebanon & the Middle East. Our standards are set to provide quality services including locations, licenses, crew, art direction, DOPs, wardrobe, transportation, camera & equipment rental as well as post works.


At the utmost of our Conceptual Superpowers comes the FnB concept development. We are featured in Falafelafel, Zero5, El-Gadaa, SayCheese, BeitKhelti and seen consistently active in the field at all its brand and marketing aspects.

Liability in Practice

Liable for understanding
Liable for creative
Liable for business sense
Liable for outreach
Liable for conversion
Liable for results

Circle of Clients


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Greg Sproulle Managing Director, IMG Middle East

"We thank Mission235 for the all responsiveness and support we've received on the several sports projects we hired them for; wishing them a prosperous journey as we continue to work together."

Reine Metlej Founder, BIOwayste

"The entire experience and outcomes have been wonderful. Looking forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration."

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    Mission235 Marketing Communications and Retail Consultancy - Serving MENA and International brands in their presence, growth and sustainability.
    Established in March 2015 in Beirut, Lebanon. Mission235 is a marketing and retail consultancy and services company, present across MENA through physical offices and representatives.
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