Artificial intelligence is the most modern tradition that we are aiming to ethically use to improve people’s lives and companies’ profits. This evolution has revolutionized the workplace while striking up some interrogation regarding the future of humans:

  • Are we to be eternally substituted by robots?
  • Are we going to become hybrid creatures?
  • Or is it just a means of development that shall not affect our human race’s continuity?

Unfortunately, we tend to forget the purpose of AI: to make our lives easier. In an attempt to accomplish the latter, tech-freaks have designed a brain similar to that of humans, yet more efficient, and peacefully integrated it in our lives and our workplace thus rendering “AI” the answer of every question:

  • Need a helping hand at work? AI ticks duties off your to-do list.
  • Need a 24/7 worker? AI works non-stop.
  • Need a brainstormer to make the best decisions? Artificial intelligence makes accurate predictions to skyrocket sales.
  • Need to know your customers? AI collects their preferences.

That been said, AI now creates a safe space for businesses to leap to higher levels while also saving lives through ensuring security and wellbeing as it steps to improve all domains.
That makes you pose another question: How can AI do that?
And we are here to answer: It starts by developing the AI brain, then via machine learning robots are taught information by humans and that is creating new job opportunities. Drastically, the machine will be able to learn and develop its performance independently correcting its own mistakes; thus, reducing human errors as well as its own, thanks to the huge data pile the machine has already integrated in its system.
Briefly, it is true that machines evolve at a faster pace than humans, still we hold the upper hand over robots and make the choice of when, where and how they will seize to evolve; the fact that places humanity in a safe zone while taking this century’s huge step for mankind.
Having read that, how far is far in the AI world!

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